Professor of Music and Humanities
Quest University Canada, Squamish BC

My PhD is in music and philosophy from Royal Holloway, University of London. Before moving to Quest in 2013, I spent nine years at Trinity Western University, where I retain the title of Adjunct Professor of Music and Interdisciplinary Arts.


Music and Ethical Responsibility

Published by Cambridge University Press, Music and Ethical Responsibility explores the ethical responsibilities that arise in musical experience. Using a phenomenological approach, I argue that all musical experience involves encounters with other people. Drawing upon the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, I also argue that ethical responsibilities arise in encounters with others. So, what are the ethical responsibilities that arise in musical experience? That is what I explore in the book, using case studies ranging from improvisation to ‘other people’s music’ to noise along the way. To dig into this question, I explore a range of topics including: musical meaning, musical experience, and inherited ideas of music and morality.

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