Quest Piano and Recording Studio

Waivers for accessing these spaces

For Quest students to be able to use either the grand piano in the MPR or to use the recording studio, please follow the instructions below. Check back soon, as more details will be here soon.

Students interested in using the grand piano in the MPR or using the recoding studio will require some brief training on proper usage of these high cost instruments/equipment and will also need to sign a usage agreement. To better track who has access to these spaces, we’re asking previous users of these spaces to re-register to use them.

Grand Piano Use Agreement

This piano is an extremely valuable instrument that represents a major financial investment by Quest University Canada. In order to protect this investment in the musical life of Quest, access to the piano is contingent on the agreement of all users to follow the procedures and regulations outlined below. Approval to use the piano can be obtained only from Music/Humanities tutor, Jeff Warren through signing the form below. Once you have signed the form and been approved, your name added to the list of approved grand piano users.

The approval will remain in effect as long as you are at Quest, providing no damage is incurred to the piano during the times when you have used. If damage does occur during these times, approval will be withdrawn and you will be financially responsible for all repairs. For example, spilling a drink into the piano can damage the soundboard, replacement of which would cost upwards of $10,000. In other words, the piano is not a coffee table, nor is it a stage. Treat it as a musical instrument and everything will be fine.


Do I need to sign-up to use the piano? There is no formal sign-up process. Simply call Campus Security a few minutes before you would like to use it (604.389.8086). As long as your name is on the list and no one else is using the MPR, they’ll unlock it for you.

Can I invite other musicians to rehearse/jam with me even if they’re not approved piano users? Absolutely! But you are responsible for making sure they also follow the rules. If they cause any damage, it will be billed to your account.

Agreement of Responsibility

I hereby agree to abide by the following regulations with respect to the use of the Quest University grand piano:

  1. I will treat the piano with the utmost care at all times.
  2. I will take full responsibility for any damage to the piano, the bench, or the cover that takes place while I am using it. This includes damage caused not only by myself, but also by any other student who I allow to be in the room while I am practicing. “Full responsibility” means that I will pay for all necessary repairs.
  3. I understand that liquids can cause damage to the piano that could be irreparable, or cost thousands of dollars to repair. I will therefore not place drinks or other liquids on any part of the piano at any time, nor will I allow others to do so.
  4. Similarly, I will not place or allow food or other potentially damaging substances on the piano.
  5. I will not place or allow any objects inside the piano.
  6. I will make sure that the piano is as far away from doors to the outside as possible, because changes in temperature and humidity will cause it to go out of tune. (In other words, I will not move the piano unnecessarily.)
  7. I will not remove or allow others to move the bench from the MPR.
  8. I will not sit, stand, or otherwise put myself on top of the piano, nor will I allow anyone else to do so.
  9. I will ensure that the piano is used only for the purposes for which it was designed.
  10. I will never leave the piano with an unapproved user. If I do not know whether they have been approved, I will check with Security.
  11. I understand that, in addition to payment for repairs, I will be fined $25.00 for each infraction of any of the above regulations, even if the piano has not sustained any damage.
  12. This agreement of responsibility may be updated, and I will check back to be aware of any changes in the agreement

Recording studio use agreement

The Quest Recording Studio is a space designed to allow students to produce various audio projects. This room is a communal space and must be treated with respect. From time to time it is used for courses (for example, in block 4 of fall 2016, the studio will be fully booked for Songwriting and Recording), but any other time it is available for student use. To access the studio, begin by signing the agreement of responsibility below. You will then be contacted by the work study student in charge of the studio to arrange a studio orientation. Once you have been oriented, you will receive access to the studio booking form and to the key code for the studio.

Agreement of Responsibility

I hereby agree to abide by the following regulations with respect to the use of the Quest Recording Studio:

  • I will restore the room to its clean and organized state. This includes returning equipment to its proper location and cleaning up trash.
  • I am responsible for personal audio files saved on the studio computer (they may be subject to deletion for maintenance purposes)
  • I take liability for all recording equipment that may be damaged during my time in the studio and accept that financial compensation may be required for incurring damage to the equipment or space
  • I will not misuse equipment, materials, or supplies belonging to Quest or other students
  • I will not remove anything from the studio without express permission from the studio supervisor
  • I will not eat in the studio, nor drink anything but water
  • I will sign in and out of the studio
  • I will respect studio bookings from other students and academic classes
  • This agreement of responsibility may be updated, and I will check back to be aware of any changes in the agreement